ICT Centre

Tekmania accommodates Information and Communication Technology (ICT) project initiatives being undertaken by CARIRI that are geared towards enhancing the operational efficiencies of SMEs.



TekDev provides innovative and out-of-the box software solutions to address the needs of Micro, Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (MSMEs) in Trinidad and Tobago. By using the latest technologies of Cloud Computing, Web, Mobile and Desktop Applications, we will work with the entrepreneur to design and develop customized solutions that will leverage the maximum potential of the enterprise.



TekConnect provides intelligent, low cost telecommunication to SMEs. Using Open Technologies, we can leverage your existing architecture to provide quality Internet Telephony Solutions.

Advancements in voice communication allows you to save through smart routing of calls via Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP).



Stay TekFit, our journal provides you with the latest updates from the world of technology. Our team of experts will give you insights on the newest apps, gadgetry as well as the latest news and trends covering the internet, electronics and the computer industry. Join us as we sort out the rumor mill of the internet and report back with unbiased articles and updates on the newest developments. Please visit us online to interact with our active community or come in during one of our open demonstration days and get a chance to see our team as we work to explore the intersection of technology, science, computing and human culture.



Data security is a major concern for all with the use of information communication technologies. TekProtect provides top-down security education, training and awareness for organizations of various sizes. Our interventions are based on internationally accepted tools and techniques and are designed to guard against both accidental and intentional data security threats. We provide consultancy on a wide variety of services including:


  • Computer Forensics: Violation and Security Activity
  • Reports: collection, preservation, analysis and presentation of computer related evidence.
  • Hosting of Cybercrime
  • Awareness Forums (phishing, identity theft, cyber stalking etc.)
  • Development of customized Security Policies and Guidelines: Identification, Authentication, Access Rights Management, Data Classification, Incident Handling, Privacy and Security Surveillance, etc.
  • White Hat Hacking Services: Malicious Software Preventions
  • Detection and Correction: Protection of Electronic Value etc.