Microsoft Innovation Centre Trinidad & Tobago

Micorosft Innovation Centre


As knowledge and innovation become the primary catalysts for economic growth, the Microsoft Innovation Centres can play a vital role in generating powerful new ideas through training, education and knowledge transfer.


CARIRI and Microsoft Trinidad and Tobago have partnered to establish a Microsoft Innovation Centre (MIC) in Trinidad, with the potential to establish links throughout the Caribbean. This physical facility was established with the primary objective of contributing to the diversification of the country’s economy through the development of a Local Software Industry, which will create and strengthen existing SMEs in specific industry verticals.


There are 116 MICs around the world in countries such as Singapore, Switzerland, India, Poland and Australia.

What is the MIC?

Working with community and government stakeholders, Microsoft Innovation Centers (MICs) aim to accelerate software industry development and innovation by helping to build software skills, solutions and businesses. The MICs are state of the art physical facilities that provide opportunities to exchange ideas, collaborate on innovative solutions to shared challenges and help local communities translate those ideas into business success.

The Facility

The Microsoft Innovation Center located at the Innovation hub at the Centre for Enterprise Development consists of the following features:

  • Reception and lobby areas
  • Datacentre area where the computing hardware and software resides
  • Cubicles and focus rooms where researchers, entrepreneurs and other users of the lab services work
  • Training lab where workshops and training classes are offered
  • Project lab where small proof of concept or pilot projects are hosted, developed and tested
  • Briefing rooms
  • Administrative offices


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