What’s mCentre? A mobile app lab

mCentre is the only mobile applications laboratory and accelerator in the region which incubates high potential mobile app developers. The lab provides world class business and technical training to high potential individuals on mobile application development and entrepreneurship on all platforms; Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows.


The CARIRI mCentre provides a shared space where technology entrepreneurs can interact, work, gain access to tools and expertise, deploy their solutions, and start and grow their businesses. Through mCentre, high potential technology developers in the mobile applications industry have a chance to access a set of focused and inter-related business and capacity development services, designed to help them grow and compete effectively in the global market.

The establishment of CARIRI’s Mobile Applications Development Lab and Testing Facility in January 2014, referred to as mCentre, represents a significant development in the national thrust to foster knowledge-based economic activity and technopreneurship.



Since its inception, it has assisted in bringing together people who have an idea for an app and those who can develop an app – building a strong network. Being part of this network helps members gain traction and step into the spotlight. This, in turn, strengthens members’ ability to scout leads and opportunities.

Members of the AppClub also are afforded the opportunity to attend various training workshops and seminars all geared towards mobile application development and commercialization. The AppClub targets individuals who have any of the following:

  • Idea for a mobile app.
  • Conceptual model of a mobile app.
  • A mobile app partially developed.
  • A mobile app developed and commercialized.

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Incubation Lab

The mCentre introduces its tailored Incubation Programme for web and mobile application technology startups. What’s the better path to success: be part of a group or go at it alone? For many entrepreneurs in the tech space, being part of something larger has helped them get their ideas off the ground,  more quickly and smoothly. Ultimately, an incubator can be the perfect bridge, to make the big step from idea to execution. The programme is offered in 2 ways:

  • 4- Month Programme: for Clients that require assistance in developing an idea into a Mobile App.
  • 2- Month Programme: for Clients that possess a completed App or one that is close to completion but requires testing and adjustments for market.

In the programme, incubatees will be able to:

  • Access office and work space, meeting rooms, and connectivity.
  • They will have access the Living Lab facility.
  • They will be able to attend workshops and courses held by the mCentre free of charge for the duration of the programme.
  • And attend Coaching Sessions with business and technical mentors (both in-person or virtually)

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Note: All applicants will have to participate in an interview  process before enrolling.

Living Lab

The mCentre’s  conducts usability and functionality testing on mobile apps. It answers the big question of “Why should I test my mobile app before I publish it?”. Think of usability testing as quality assurance. Your customers interact with the app’s user interface. For them, that’s the app, not the code that makes it work. The app not failing is a minimum expectation. The quality of your app that your customers can see, touch, and experience is the usability of the interface.

The Living Lab provides an environment where users are studied interacting with a mobile app evaluating the app’s usability. You will be able to discover such areas as:

  • How easy it is for your users to perform the basic tasks the first time when they open your app, and how easily they can grasp and learn it based on the current design.
  • How fast an experienced user could accomplish the various tasks in your app.
  • The user satisfaction after using your app. You get to know how happy the users will be and how much they like your app and its design.

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