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Virtual Youth Innovation Training

Virtual Youth Innovation Training

The Caribbean Industrial Research Institute (CARIRI) and Republic Bank Limited (RBL) under its Power to Make a Difference programme have launched a new and exciting free education programme for the students of the nation called Virtual Youth Innovation Training. 


CARIRI and RBL have partnered to continue to educate our nation’s youths virtually in a time of a global pandemic on the fundamentals of Coding and Mobile App Development.  This programme is designed to provide young people with a modular introduction to coding using the principles of mobile app and game development.  Taking an interdisciplinary approach, it introduces the Computer Science field, the fundamentals of coding and the careers which can be pursued.


This programme, which is free to participants, will engage 600 youths in schools from across Trinidad and Tobago via online training to be able to understand coding and its importance in creating and building various applications, some levels also include the steps that it takes to generate and commercialize an app. 


CARIRI and RBL both understand that coding is a vital skill to have especially as we move rapidly into a global community that has embraced the 4th Industrial Revolution.  One of the key benefits of learning coding is that it gives students both the tools and the idea that there are many ways to solve a problem, whilst at the same time sparking curiosity, encouraging teamwork and enabling communication.  Coding also requires students to think outside of the box, thereby honing their creative skills. Solving difficult problems require creative solutions, a highly sought-after skill which is often difficult to teach in more traditional classroom subjects. 


 Registration will begin on 15th June 2021 and the programme will commence on 26th July 2021.  The programme will engage students at two different levels: Level 1 – Basic and Intermediate and Level 2 – Advanced. 


The programme will be executed online via CARIRI’s FIT (Future of Innovative Training) portal where the participants will be granted credentials to the course so they can choose to log in at their convenience to access and complete the material within a specific time period.  CARIRI will host a live session after each level to ensure that participants fully understand the concepts. This will be supplemented by a support period of two days which will follow to respond to students’ queries and provide any other assistance.  Thereafter, participants will have an evaluation and upon success will be awarded a Certificate of Achievement.


Since 2018, CARIRI has been successfully executing ICT educational programmes and have trained approximately 2,000 students thus far, both in-person and virtually.  As we engage with the new normal, CARIRI is committed to finding innovative ways to provide support and training for our nation’s youth.


To find out more information about this programme, please visit our website at or contact Alicia Williams at 309-8651 or via email at


PitchIT Caribbean’s Alumni Launch and Networking Mixer

PitchIT Caribbean’s Alumni Launch and Networking Mixer

On Friday 16th November 2018, the Caribbean Industrial Research Institute (CARIRI) hosted the PitchIT Caribbean’s Alumni Network Launch at the Trinidad Hilton and Conference Centre, which represents an important next step in promoting a vibrant regional mobile Start Up community. 

The hosting of this event in Trinidad and Tobago represented an opportunity to bring the stakeholders in the mobile app development community together, with the aim of building strong networks among entrepreneurs and business development entities, thus contributing to the promotion of the development and enhancement of the mobile app ecosystem.

The Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Planning and Development, Ms Joanne Deoraj delivered the feature remarks and stated “The Government welcomes and fully supports this PitchIT Caribbean initiative, recognizing that the key tenets of ICT, Innovation and Entrepreneurship encapsulated in the Project constitute developmental planks that are central to the achievement of economic transformation objectives of Sustainable Growth and Diversification”. 

Additionally, she went on to say that “Mobile technology, in particular, offers a potential platform for economic growth and high quality jobs in the mobile industry, while mobile software and apps also have the potential to catalyze other sectors such as healthcare or government. Apps are now being developed at virtually the speed of light. The potential therefore exists through Innovation in ICT to not only build competitiveness, but also create a virtual explosion of entrepreneurial activity in Trinidad and Tobago”.

Ms Golda Lushington, Technologist at CARIRI and Project Lead for the local leg of PitchIT Caribbean stated “with the domestic economy only now beginning to emerge from the grip of recession and economic rightsizing leaving in its wake a contracting job market, CARIRI considers it opportune, and indeed an imperative, to intensify the focus on Innovation and Entrepreneurship on a national scale and across diverse sectors, inclusive of the mobile app development industry.  CARIRI has long recognized that the achievement of a diversified, internationally competitive economy is contingent, on according primacy, in the developmental planning agenda to the promotion of Innovation and Entrepreneurship as key drivers of sustainability. Towards this end, the Institute has taken the lead by putting in place pertinent infrastructure and embarking on a number of initiatives to foster innovation facilitation, entrepreneurship development, new business creation and business expansion; all of which form core constituents of our Centre for Enterprise Development, located at Freeport. “

Ms Melissa Johnson, Project Lead at Lumin Consulting Incorporated in Jamaica joined us at the event and expressed her pleasure at the progress that was made by all the regional hubs stating her excitement that the Alumni network was now being formed as it would create new opportunities for these mobile app entrepreneurs. 

The evening also saw another first for CARIRI as it launched its first 100% in-house built mobile app for its client, Sookhai’s Diesel Service Ltd (SDS).  The CARIRI Data Analytics team has been working with SDS over the last few months to create an integrated customised solution for the Management and clients of the company.  This solution included dashboards which generate relevant information for the Management of SDS to make more timely and informed decisions.  The next part of the solution includes an app called the SD STAR app for customers; who will now be able to track their vehicles at every point in the service system.  This innovative app is the first of its kind in the country and we expect it to change the face of the service industry. 

PitchIT Caribbean is designed to strengthen the Caribbean Mobile Innovation Ecosystem and foster the growth of sustainable and competitive mobile enterprises through activities that will target early stage Innovators, and guide them to market readiness. PitchIT Caribbean is administered by a University of the West Indies Consortium led by Lumin Consulting Incorporated in Jamaica, formerly UWI Consulting Incorporated. The project is funded by the Government of Canada and executed by the World Bank Group. It spans 14 Caribbean Community countries, in five of which mobile hubs, referred to as mHubs, have been established under a project partnership arrangement.

The mHub partners of PitchIT Caribbean are all focused on building mobile innovation communities in their respective countries by engaging a variety of local stakeholder groups. CARIRI is the mHub partner in Trinidad and Tobago and plans to further engage the mobile app community via various initiatives in the coming year.

Ms Joanne Deoraj, The Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Planning and Development
Ms Melissa Johnson, Project Lead at Lumin Consulting Ltd, Jamaica
Mr Richie Sookhai of Sookhai’s Diesel Service Ltd and Ms Lynette Akong of CARIRI’s Data Analytics discussing the SD STAR App.

Idea Advisory Service – Bridging the Gap to Commercial Application of Innovation

Idea Advisory Service

Bridging the Gap to Commercial Application of Innovation

The Caribbean Industrial Research Institute (CARIRI) has launched a new project which aims to encourage the innovative spirit of the national community. This 3-year project is backed by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and will target the various communities, individuals and companies across Trinidad and Tobago. Aptly called ‘Bridging the Gap to Commercial Application of Innovation’, this project aims to move your idea to reality.

The objectives of the project are:

  1. To support individuals and firms in the development and monetisation / commercialization of business innovations;
  2. To support local enterprises to apply innovation for increased competitiveness and sustainability.

The project will be executed under CARIRI’s Idea Advisory Service (IAS) which has been operational over the last 2 ½ years and has screened over 300+ ideas thus far. Screening is completely free and so is the advice given. The IAS provides an opportunity to bring your ideas to life and CARIRI’s team has been internationally trained and possess varying backgrounds and capabilities to execute this service locally. 


Benefits of the IAS:

• Idea Generation and sensitization sessions to spur creative thinking and quality ideas;
• Confidential, independent and objective assessment of ideas submitted;
• Access to CARIRI resources, networks and strategic partners;
• IAS Team members provide guidance to applicants from conceptualization to commercialization;
• Free access to CARIRI’s Intellectual Property Clinic with convenient location and parking at our Centre for Enterprise Development, Freeport;
• Upon completion of the core IAS programme, applicants receive a Certificate of Participation/Completion;
• Be part of an elite network of idea generators with opportunity to collaborate with peers



Who is eligible?

• All citizens of Trinidad and Tobago with the passion, commitment and determination to taking their ideas forward to market;
• Students and graduates;
• Working professionals;
• Transitioning professionals who are interested in leveraging their professional experience to develop and commercialize an innovation in their respective fields;
• Microenterprises and Small and Medium Enterprises.


For more information on this project and to find out how you can benefit from this free service, please visit our website at or contact us at or call us at 299-0209 ext 2110.



“When will the future arrive?  The 4th Industrial Revolution is here. “

This was the theme of the Caribbean Industrial Research Institute’s (CARIRI’s) mega Conference entitled Innovating with Emerging Technology which was held on Wednesday 18th April at the Hyatt Regency Trinidad.

Chief Executive Officer of CARIRI, Mr Liaquat Ali Shah, gave the Opening remarks and stated ‘As part of our strategic approach, we are seeking to contribute to the  building of capacity for Innovation on a national scale and position the Institute as a Focal Point for Innovation and Technology, not just nationally, but in the region as a whole. In this context, we have recognized, based on past experience, the imperative of instituting the appropriate infrastructure to develop the areas of Innovation and ICT, as part of our capacity building efforts.  Our approach, I should hasten to add, takes cognizance of the importance of establishing a platform for sustainable economic transformation over the medium to long term, as an integral part of the diversification thrust.’


The sold out event saw the Minister of Trade and Industry, the Honorable Paula Gopee Scoon deliver the Feature Address in which she reiterated the government’s commitment to diversify the economy, and this includes strengthening the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector.

As part of the thrust to include technology in every aspect of our lives, and to showcase how small the world has become with this technology, CARIRI was able to set up a live stream to the Embassy in Washington D.C., U.S.A. for members of the Diaspora.  Additionally, His Excellency Brigadier General (Ret’d) Anthony Phillips-Spencer, Ambassador of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago brought greetings to the audience here in Trinidad.

CARIRI was able to secure internationally recognized speakers in various areas of the 4th Industrial Revolution and the day started off with a bang as Professor Anthony Clayton of UWI Mona, Jamaica was able to speak in depth about Artificial Intelligence and Robotics.  Right after this, Mr Nelson Mac Quhae, Chief Technical Officer at Microsoft LATAM spoke about the Internet of Things and how we can expect to communicate in the future.  The Intellectual Property Office of Trinidad and Tobago then presented on the role of intellectual property in the future.

Ms Thelma Britton, the Senior Operations and Logistics Manager for Panama and the Caribbean of UBER gave wonderful insight into the operations of her company in T&T and the Caribbean and then was able to speak to the future of urban mobility.  Daniel Poliquin of IBM Corporation in Canada discussed at length smarter cities and how we can go about shaping the region.  Marla Dukharan, Caribbean Economist brought home the point of e-Government and Digital settlement networks and the day wrapped up with Dave Landry, co-founder of Datawheel which is a spin off of MIT, Boston. 

After such a full day, participants were well informed and had the chance to interact with the speakers via an application in which they could ask their questions via their mobile devices, once again incorporating technology into the Conference. 

Our region stands on the threshold of a technological revolution that will essentially alter the way we live, work, and relate to one another. In its scale, scope, and complexity, this transformation, which has been taking place for a while, will be unlike anything that we have experienced before. Although we do not yet know just how it will unfold, one thing is clear: our response to it must be integrated and all-inclusive, involving all stakeholders from the public and private sectors to academia and civil society.

Cognizant of the anticipated transformative impact of this technological development, and mindful of the need for an integrated and all-inclusive response, involving all stakeholders from the public and private sectors, as well as academia and civil society, CARIRI wanted to bring the spotlight to bear on this potentially disruptive development.   At the end of the Conference, it is clear that CARIRI was able to achieve its goal. 


CARIRI and Microsoft T&T sign new partnership agreement

CARIRI and Microsoft T&T sign new partnership agreement

On 1st December, 2017 The Caribbean Industrial Research Institute (CARIRI) and Microsoft Trinidad and Tobago formalized a partnership agreement which cements the relationship between the two organizations. 

In 2014, CARIRI and Microsoft opened the 116th Microsoft Innovation Centre in the world at Innovation Avenue, Freeport and the signing of this new agreement will see the continuation of this collaboration.

Signing the agreement is the new Country Head of Microsoft Trinidad and Tobago, Ms Racquel Moses as well Chief Executive Officer of CARIRI, Mr Liaquat Ali Shah.  Both parties expressed their delight at this development and expressed their commitment to working together on future projects. 

The Microsoft Innovation Centre (MIC) has been assisting developers, independent software vendors, entrepreneurs, researchers and students to develop and deploy innovative software solutions based on Microsoft technology. During the past three (3) years, over four hundred (400) persons have benefitted from a wide range of Information Communication Technology (ICT) training courses, workshops and competitions at the MIC, while several have taken part in the MIC Incubatee Program as well as individual ICT and business mentorship sessions. The services provided are designed to boost ICT development and foster the growth of a sustainable local software industry, through skills and professional training, industry partnerships and innovation.

Some of the stated objectives of the MIC are to focus on its Technical Incubator, which assists developers to achieve proof of concept; to have more training sessions, both developer-based and business-based and there is the intention to have more competitions to encourage the developer community to continue to expand. 

CARIRI is cognizant of the critical importance of  networks and networking in the Innovation process and is open to working with key stakeholders, such as Public sector organizations, Universities, Private sector companies/organizations, Research and Technology Organizations (local and foreign) and Regional and International Organizations, to advance the national Innovation agenda.

CARIRI and its Centre for Enterprise Development (CED), based in Freeport, are in a unique position to contribute to the overall development of the nation and are committed to ensure that the right partnerships are formed to further economic and social growth.

Ms. Moses of Microsoft Trinidad and Tobago and Mr Shah of CARIRI

CARIRI and exporTT sign MOU

Signing the MOU on behalf of CARIRI was the Chief Executive Officer, Mr Liaquat Ali Shah; and representing the interests of exporTT was its Chairman, Mr Ashmeer Mohammed. Senator the Honorable Paula Gopee Scoon, Minister of Trade and Industry witnessed the signing.

With the aim of facilitating a greater awareness of programmes which will assist businesses to incorporate innovation into their processes, The Caribbean Industrial Research Institute (CARIRI) in partnership with the Chaguanas Chamber of Industry and Commerce (CCIC) hosted a session entitled ‘Encouraging Innovation in Corporate T&T’ on Wednesday 19th July, 2017 at CARIRI’s  Centre for Enterprise Development, Freeport. 


CARIRI and the CCIC have established a strong relationship that is built on both organizations’ desire for diversification and growth in the economy.


This particular session was geared towards promoting the intent of the CCIC to remain proactive in providing avenues for businesses in the Central area and this was the platform that CARIRI chose to promote two new initiatives that will greatly assist organizations. 


The first, is the Innovation Gap Analysis Programme (iGap) which is intended to identify and engage potential innovations in existing companies and will also address the need to develop a culture of Innovation in private sector enterprises, particularly SMEs, based on the recognition that SMEs are particularly vulnerable to the rapidly changing dynamics of the international economic environment and, to remain competitive, these enterprises must keep their value proposition current, relevant and valuable to customers.


The Data Innovation Solutions Centre (DISC) is the second initiative, which involves Business Intelligence and Data Analytics which will use the respective organizations data to provide information that can assist in making more sustainable and innovative business decisions.


This session also facilitated the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between CARIRI and exporTT. The signing of the MOU was witnessed by Senator the Honourable Paula Gopee Scoon, Minister of Trade and Industry.


This MOU will see greater collaboration between the two institutions; its general intent is to amalgamate the efforts of both parties by leveraging on the strengths and synergizing current projects/programmes.


Some of the aims of the MOU focus on the promotion of Data Analytics solutions, capitalizing on existing and upcoming technology and trade agreements, sharing of industry information on legal and regulatory developments, market intelligence and information on global trends as well as identification of expertise for advancement of local and regional skill sets, among a host of other initiatives.


CARIRI and exporTT have outlined as a priority, their commitment to the development of the local economy and maintain that more can be done together.  The Minister of Trade and Industry commended both organizations for taking this initiative as she endorsed the collaboration.


The signing of the MOU with exporTT and the collaboration with the Chaguanas Chamber of Industry and Commerce opens up a new world of possibilities that will translate into tangible offerings in the near future from all parties.


INNOVATION GAP ANALYSIS PROGRAMME (IGAP): Encouraging Innovation in Corporate T&T

Dr Hallgren in the midst of his presentation on the Innovation Gap Analysis Programme: The Danish Context and its Applicability to T&T in the Current Economic Environment

On Wednesday 3rd May at its flagship hub for innovation, the Centre for Enterprise Development in Freeport, the Caribbean Industrial Research Institute (CARIRI) launched one of its newest services for Innovation called the ‘Innovation Gap Analysis Programme’ (IGAP) which is aimed at fostering and encouraging innovation in Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs). 


Innovation is ‘Creativity Being Implemented’; this is CARIRI’s own definition and something that the Institute has continually been seeking new opportunities and avenues to encourage innovative thinking.  As part of its ongoing thrust to build capacity for Innovation on a national scale, and thereby contribute more substantively to the achievement of Government’s national goal of economic diversification, CARIRI has initiated the implementation of this programme.


IGAP is modeled along the lines of the Danish Technological Institute’s (DTI’s) Innovation Agent Programme (IAP) and is being implemented at CARIRI with consultancy support from the DTI, under a Collaboration Agreement between the Institutes.


This relationship with the DTI was formed due to CARIRI’s association and membership in the World Association of Industrial and Technological Research Organizations (WAITRO).  There are over 150 members of WAITRO from around the world and CARIRI has been searching for partnerships that will benefit the country and the region, and this is just one of them.  


The IGAP programme is intended to identify and engage potential innovations in existing companies and will also address the need to develop a culture of Innovation in private sector enterprises, particularly SMEs, based on the recognition that SMEs are particularly vulnerable to the rapidly changing dynamics of the international economic environment and, to remain competitive, these enterprises must keep their value proposition current, relevant and valuable to customers.


In this context, the IGAP would provide assistance at a number of levels, including:


  • Facilitating co-operation with national, regional and international knowledge and Innovation systems,
  • Helping companies gain access to knowledge, for instance, about new technologies and solutions that they were not aware of before and assisting them in applying that knowledge to strengthen their business and enhance competitiveness.
  • Showing companies how to generate value for their business by investing in Innovation.
  • Supporting companies, particularly SMEs, in thinking “out of the box”, using their imagination, and being attentive to other factors playing a vital role in Innovation processes.
  • Helping companies, both large and small, in undertaking Innovation activity by actually developing pretotypes/prototypes, initiating user test of new business ideas and accelerating quickly to market.


Dr Erik Hallgren, Senior Consultant in Innovation at DTI’s Centre for Ideas and Innovation, who is quite knowledgeable and experienced in Facilitation and Development of Innovation Processes in SMEs, spoke at the session and captured the imagination of the audience on the innovation process.  In his presentation, Dr Hallgren encouraged people to think beyond the box and get beyond the thought that we can’t compete with countries like China.  He stressed that people in this country were very innovative and he had seen and heard of many ideas that, if commercialised, could become major players in the European market.  He took the audience through the Danish innovation process and then attempted to show the linkage to T&T in the current economic environment.  He then went on to further expound on the way forward for the programme and how we can use the IGAP as an essential took in developing the innovation eco-system in private sector enterprises. 


Chief Executive Officer of CARIRI, Mr Liaquat Ali Shah urged the audience to incorporate innovation in their daily lives and to not just treat the word innovation as another fad but to understand how it can catapult an SME into the global arena.  Mr Shah has been an advocate of innovation and what can be achieved when this concept is applied.  It is with this thinking that many of the SMEs that attended the session were able to sign up for a complimentary IGAP visit to their organization to start the process of implementing an innovative culture into their processes. 


For more information on this programme, feel free to contact us at 299-0210 ext 5048 or email us at


2015 Intake For CARIRI Business Hatchery To Begin Soon

2015 Intake For CARIRI Business Hatchery To Begin Soon

In 2013, The Caribbean Industrial Research Institute (CARIRI) launched a new arm of operation at Innovation Drive, Freeport aptly named the Centre for Enterprise Development (CED). The primary aim of this Centre is to facilitate Research, Development and Innovation. Ancillary objectives include capacity building through business creation and expansion through the Business Incubation process.


One of the ongoing programmes at the CED is the Business Incubator. The Business Incubator is a 12-month business development support programme which provides a world class business growth ecosystem to Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) with an impressive quantum of assessed potential to grow, particularly in export markets.


In mid-2014, the CED further launched a Business Hatchery programme. Designed to reach all candidates regardless of the selected commercial sector, the Business Hatchery programme offers an unmatched curriculum, best-in-class resources and an exciting facilitative process. At the end of the programme, participants can either launch their own business or advance to the Business Incubator.


The duration of CARIRI’s Business Hatchery programme is 3 months. The Programme is designed to bridge the gap between proof of concept and commercialization. Supported by CARIRI’s staff and a mix of consultants and mentors, the programme furnishes participants with key insights, perspectives and business tools to ensure successful completion of the programme.


Participants in the Hatchery Programme will benefit from a full complement of workshop sessions, hands-on-research, and coaching and mentorship opportunities. A strong peer network, technical experts and a growing alumni network also provide pivotal support.


Participants can expect to move forward with a fully functional business model as well as a strong appreciation of business fundamentals at the end of the 3 month period.


Last year, the first intake of 20 Hatchery clients drawn from 13 diverse enterprises completed this programme. It is anticipated that the next intake will commence in March 2015 and the Business Hatchery is currently accepting new applicants for this programme.


To derive maximum benefit from CARIRI’s Business Hatchery Programme, you must be prepared to make a solid commitment to attend workshops and seminars and be keen to establish a business. We look forward to welcoming Business Hatchery applicants with a strong entrepreneurial drive and vision.


To find out more or to register, visit or call Aura Watson-Bereaux at 299-0209 ext 2676 or email at


CARIRI and the IPO Team Up to host IPO Clinics

CARIRI and the IPO Team Up to host IPO Clinics

The Caribbean Industrial Research Institute (CARIRI) and the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) have teamed up to host ‘The Intellectual Property Clinic’. The first of its kind in Trinidad and Tobago, The Intellectual Property Clinic will seek to bridge the gaps in knowledge, provide a competent base to gather information and allow you to understand your rights.


The IPO Clinic takes the form of an individual consultation and is scheduled for the first Thursday of every month at the Centre for Enterprise Development (CED), Innovation Avenue Freeport. Once a month, you have the opportunity to meet with an IP Officer for a 30-minute period. The IP Officer will be able to assist you within this time period with any questions you may have about your intellectual property (ideas/products/inventions/innovations) and how you can go about securing it. The sessions are completely confidential and are free of charge.


Some of the things the IPO Clinic seeks to address are Information on the protection of IP using Intellectual Property Rights (IPR): Patents, Utility Models, Trademarks, Industrial Designs, Integrated Circuits, Trade Secrets, etc; education, information and training in IP; assistance in the commercialization of IP; and support with IP issues in the Business Plan among others.


The first clinic was conducted on Thursday 5th February 2015, with an impressive response. One of the participants from the clinic, Mr. Derron Sandy said that he was grateful and satisfied with the knowledge that was imparted to him. He is in the business of Creative Arts and was particularly interested in the copyrighting of ideas, drafts and prototypes. He is currently in partnership with another person and is seeking to diminish potential conflict. He is thankful for being a participant in the IPO Clinic and the advice that he was able to receive. Another participant, Mr. Jordon Miller is in the business of Research and Development and was thankful for the Clinic as well. Both participants stated that they would recommend the programme to their business colleagues as well.


The Clinic is expected to continue over the next few months and anyone who is interested in setting up their own consultation with an IP Officer can contact CARIRI at 299-0209 ext 2403 or via email at or register online at



CARIRI-CED Successfully Holds App Development Workshop

CARIRI-CED Successfully Holds App Development Workshop

The Caribbean Industrial Research Institute (CARIRI) hosted its first ever App Club event “From Mind to Market” in August 2014 at The Centre for Enterprise Development (CED) located at Innovation Avenue, Freeport.


The event, which was open exclusively to members of CARIRI’s new App Club, featured a wide scope of presenters who encouraged the attendees to pursue their app ideas and app development goals.


Ashley Mitchell, Managing Director of Enterprise Hub Limited, kicked off the programme with a riveting discussion on promoting your mobile app.  He drew on his international experience as he intrigued the audience with information on how they should look at the market.


Shaun Gianetti is considered to be the biggest “Appreneur” in Trinidad as he has 44 applications in the iTunes Appstore, 4 in GooglePlay, 4 in, and 25 games in development.  He educated the audience on the feasibility and profitability of “gaming” apps which is the hottest app segment right now. His valuable tips of the trade ranged from where to get background music for your app to how much to charge for it. His parting advice was, “Don’t expect a million dollars with your first app!! Give yourself time to get it wrong before you emotionally invest in your app.  Your first app might not make you a million dollars and neither will the second, but keep growing and developing and never give up because you never know which app will make you profitable. “


Marc Buekenhout of Digicel, one of our partners emphasized how big apps are right now. He elaborated on how Digicel is committed to supporting the app industry by preloading apps onto Digicel smart phones, mass messaging of the latest news to handsets and also prioritizing which apps to showcase.


Vinni Jones from Microsoft Trinidad and Tobago wrapped up the event by showcasing ways in which Microsoft can aid and promote app ideas and development.


The app club was launched in June of this year with the sole purpose of supporting and developing an app community where existing and potential mobile app developers can exchange ideas and collaborate on innovative solutions. CED and CARIRI are making leaps and bounds in driving innovation and creating a space for people with ideas to develop them.