Business Hatchery

Our Vision is to be Trinidad and Tobago's premier platform for business start-ups, in building a community of entrepreneurs who go on to discover and innovate sustainable solutions that improve lives, connect people and stimulate change


We are dedicated to creating a platform that enables all entrepreneurs to innovate and do their best work. We know that every business, even in the same industry, is different. Our commitment to building better businesses will challenge and engage entrepreneurial mind sets, and set start-ups on a path to transformation. We create value for entrepreneurs through collaborative interventions tailored to meet the specific and evolving challenges facing start-ups.

Since 2014 we have worked with about 70 start-ups and 100 founders

Signature Business Hatchery Programme

Launched in July 2014, CARIRI's Business Hatchery continues to transform start-ups through its signature Business Hatchery Programme.


We work with early stage micro entrepreneurs in helping them do amazing things in advancing from proof of concept to proof of business, over a three month duration.


Each year we support a select group of approximately 50 entrepreneurs who are solving problems through traditional and non-traditional products, services and technology solutions.


We launched our 7th Business Hatchery cohort on 23 July 2016.


Full complement of business coaching and mentorship opportunities
Full suite of workshop sessions
Hands on Market Research
One-on-one business coaching sessions
Strong peer network
Technical experts
Growing alumni network

Client Testimonials

A snapshot of testimonials from entrepreneurs who successfully completed the Business Hatchery programme in 2015 & 2016:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

3 months

No. Based on a competitive application process, entrance into the Hatchery Programme occurs at set cycle periods. The inaugural Hatchery cycle was launched in July 2014. Subsequent cycles commenced on 9 March, 26 May, 11 August 2015, 19 January and 16 April 2016. The next cycle is tentatively scheduled to begin in July 2016.

Entrepreneurs go on to launch their own business and either pivot their original business direction (pre-Business Hatchery Programme), or advance to the next phase of CARIRI's Business Incubator, designed to assist incubatees in commercializing their venture.

Entrepreneurs/Founders of existing start-ups in operation for a period of 6 months to 3 years. It doesn't matter if you only have one customer or ten customers. Irrespective of the business enterprise, if you can commit 3 months of your time and energy to conduct market research, test your business model, improve your pitch techniques and develop your value proposition and financial projections, we want to hear from you. Commit to growing your start-up and the Business Hatchery Programme is an easy decision.

Businesses in diverse industries and sectors are accepted. In the past, we have accepted businesses in the following spheres: fashion, beauty, entertainment, education, retail, animation, environment, digital applications, accounting, child care services, ICT, manufacturing and food and beverage.

Submit an Expression of Interest form (online) and our team will contact you if you are shortlisted to attend a brief pitch panel discussion, at our Centre for Enterprise Development in Freeport. Following the pitch panel discussion, selected candidates can expect to sign a Business Hatchery contractual agreement and commence the Business Hatchery Programme within 2-3 weeks.

A generous time and energy commitment is critical to completing the programme and benefitting from the process of validating your business idea, learning business fundamentals, honing your pitch technique, developing market surveys, testing marketability and designing your business model. The value of the programme’s offering, peer support and mentorship networks also necessitates a fee priced at a reasonable market cost.

The entrepreneur is in the driving seat. The Business Hatchery does not own participants’ businesses or request equity swaps.

All businesses have a risk of failure. It is however much better to fail quickly and chart a different footprint, sooner rather than later. Our objective is to equip entrepreneurs with the tools to understand what works, what does not and what may need improvement. We want all our entrepreneurs to complete the programme and launch their own business or join the Business Incubator.

The programme is segmented into individual components with 5 deliverables: Base Case Analysis, Market Research, Financial projections, Business Model Development and Business Pitch.

The Business Hatchery programme delivers customized support to entrepreneurs and empowers them to determine proof of marketability for their business ideas. Our programme is rigorous, engaging and collaborative with experiential learning, practical workshops and functional knowledge networks. Our team of consultants and staff provide key insight and the necessary tools for the testing of business ideas. However, we encourage entrepreneurs “to get out of the room,” think independently and start learning by doing, by embedding group facilitation and one-on-one coaching sessions throughout the process.

If you only have an idea, you should apply to CARIRI's Idea Advisory Service. This service is offered at no cost, and can be accessed via: Idea Advisory Service (IAS)

Selection Criteria

We thank all our applicants for taking the time to submit a completed Expression of Interest Form. We receive many stellar applications and are excited by our entrepreneurs’ journeys. However, we select applicants who are shortlisted following panel interviews based on the following:

  • Uniqueness of innovation: What problem the business or innovation proposes to solve
  • Likelihood of success and/or export potential
  • Entrepreneur’s commitment, resilience, passion, diligence, attitude and approach
  • Proof of Business: business model, customers or value proposition
  • Vision, goals and/or objectives
  • Quality of the application and panel interview
  • Applicant’s need for the support we offer

Our Ideal Candidate

Whilst we value experience and your analytical capabilities, what we are mainly looking for in each candidate is an entrepreneurial drive and mindset. You should be passionate about your business concept, resilient in the face of setbacks and committed in both time and energy to attend workshops and coaching sessions, for the duration of the Hatchery’s three month Programme.


If you can balance collaboration with independent thought, take risks and be self-motivated, then we invite you to apply online to our Business Hatchery Programme.

How to Apply

Entrance into the programme is competitive and contingent upon successfully fulfilling the requirements of an application process:

Acceptance into the Business Hatchery Programme is subject to the clients' consent to the terms and conditions of a Business Hatchery contractual agreement.

Client Registration: Expression of Interest Form

We welcome your interest in our Business Hatchery Programme. For information on our upcoming Information Session, email us at

Technical Consultants

We are seeking consultants to function in a dual role as workshop facilitators and coaches. Your Curriculum Vitaes will be carefully reviewed against any suitable opportunities. Whilst we acknowledge all applications, we will contact applicants whose skills and experience are closely aligned with our needs. We thank you for your interest in developing entrepreneurial talent and look forward to your CV submissions.

Curriculum Vitae:

*We only accept *.doc, *docx, and *.pdf.