Month: June 2017



CARIRI’s CARISupport is a one of a kind helpdesk meant to provide quality ICT support to micro small and medium businesses (MSMEs) that do not have full access to an in-house team. 


This is an outsourced facility that will provide unlimited support with quarterly maintenance checks and on-call services for MSMEs that recognize the importance of staying up to date with the latest technologies or for those businesses that just need the support of experts but do not necessarily want to hire full time staff. 


An integral part of CARIRI’s mandate is to enhance business capability and competitiveness by providing a range of technical and technology-based support services to a number of organizations.  After working with various MSMEs over the last few years, we recognized that there was a need to offer practical support and advice to these businesses, hence the creation of this Helpdesk. CARISupport is Your IT Solution Provider and we aim to offer quality service at minimum cost. 


Let CARIRI help you to take your business to the next level with CARISupport – Your IT Solution Provider!


Subscription covers:

All subscription Services include access to an online mobile ready resource that allows users to telephone or submit their support requests into a centrally managed operations centre manned by trained local and friendly personnel. All requests are bound by our strict Service Level Agreement, and the status of a request can be tracked via the client’s PC or smart phone.


All subscription options include access to the key features available above. Six Month and One Year Subscription holders gain access to additional services including:

  • Infrastructure Reviews – Maintenance check of the client’s ICT infrastructure that includes a standardized maintenance check by trained ICT personnel once every three months. (One Year Subscription holders only)
  • Diagnostic Company Review – A consultancy visit by our team to determine the informational workflow gaps within the client’s processes and a mini ICT Plan. This would be performed at the beginning of each Subscription Period.


**All devices which require remote support must have an active Internet connection**


**Special Promotion: First 25 Subcribers get 1 Month Free!**